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Triumph Middle School Youth Ministry





- - TRIUMPH YOUTH MINISTRY 2018-2019 - -

Mark Your Calendars!

Triumph meets Sundays from 3:00-4:30p in the Parish Hall.
     Pick up is always in front of the PEC at 4:30pm.

Oct. 12-14 - Anchored Fall Retreat.  Registration has opened!!!  Turn in your release form today!
     Get all your questions answered by visiting

Oct. 28 - Martyr's Ball
     Youth should come to Triumph dressed as a martyr. It can be before or after their martyrdom.
     Prizes will be given for all who are dressed up and grand prizes for the costume contest winners!

Feb. 1-3 - Spring Retreat

March 22-23 - Imago Dei Parent-Youth Retreat



Triumph Mission Statement

Triumph strives to lead all youth closer to Christ through fellowship, evangelization, and creative catechesis.  Triumph seeks to help youth build and foster a personal relationship with Christ in His Church and create a safe environment where youth are able to open their hearts and experience the love of Christ.  Throughout all of the activities, events and teaching moments, Triumph seeks to bring Christ’s love to the youth.


**Modesty Policy**

All those participating in Triumph Youth Ministry should come in attire that is appropriate for and respective of themselves, the program, and others. This can be defined for both genders as t-shirts and tops that are not sleeveless (no spaghetti-straps or strapless), tops that do not have plunging neck/back lines, do not show mid-drift and do not bear any profane, abusive or offensive language/slogans. Pants or shorts should not hang below the waist, and not be more than 2 inches above the knee (this includes work-out and running shorts). Shirts, pants and shorts should also be in good condition and not full of holes. Please make sure that your child is wearing closed-toe shoes on retreats. Note that we will ask your child to change his/her clothing if deemed necessary, and will call you if your child does not have correct attire to change into.


The youth of the Catholic Church need YOU!


Are you called to volunteer with Triumph?  

Do you love Jesus and love youth?  Are you willing to ask the youth how their week has been and enjoy laughing and journeying with them in their faith?  Then the Lord may be calling you to volunteer with Triumph Youth Ministry.  Visit our volunteer page to learn about the plethora of volunteer opportunities that are available.

Want to journey with the youth every week playing games, leading small groups, and evangelizing?  We have a place for you!  Check out being on Core Team.

Want to work behind the scenes helping with nametags, logistics, and flyers?  We have a place for you!  Check out being on Stealth Crew.

Want to go deeper with youth who are committed in their faith and desiring to be a disciple of Christ?  We have a place for you!  Check out being a Discipleship Group Leader.

Want to help but can't commit to every week?  We have a place for you!  Check out Stealth Crew.

Want to powerfully impact the youth, but not necessarily do direct ministry?  We have a place for you!  Check out being a Prayer Warrior.

Want to welcome the youth to a loving environment?  We have a place for you!  Check out being a Greeter.


Contact the Triumph Youth Minister to further discuss and discern where God may be calling you!




Triumph Youth Ministry:  Middle School Faith Formation

Greetings Parents and Youth of Saint William Catholic Church!

As we enter into a new year, we launch into an opportunity for personal growth, new experiences, and an experience of greater fellowship.  There are a range of elements present in Triumph Youth Ministry that allow for personal growth in the youth, parents, and our parish. 

Our middle school faith formation program is called Triumph Youth Ministry and meets on Sunday afternoon from 3 p.m.-4:30 p.m.  Naming the program gives it it's own identity, providing a clear distinction from other ministries and allowing the youth to take greater ownership of their youth group.  Middle school youth have a specific set of needs that must be met and gifts that must be fostered through ministry.

Triumph follows a comprehensive "youth-night" model of ministry.  The youth-night model better allows for youth to not only learn their faith but also to wrestle with it, express it, and live it in a safe, Christ-centered environment.  Our youth will be surrounded by adults who will meet the youth where they're at, no matter where they are in their faith journey, and walk with them, seeking to draw them closer to our Lord and His Church.  Youth will also have opportunities to share their faith and strengthen it through discussion.  Most importantly, our youth will have a weekly opportunity to celebrate their faith through fellowship and prayer.  I look forward to your youth, not just attending Triumph, but contributing their gifts and talents that make Triumph the amazing youth group that it is.


Gwen Bartlett

Triumph Youth Ministry Coordinator


More Information:  

For more information about Triumph Youth Ministry, please contact Gwen Bartlett at 512-600-8174 or email

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