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Catholic Schools Education Fund

Why do we exist?

The Catholic Schools Education Fund exists to provide support for parishioners who would like to attend a private Catholic School.

What do we do?


Bus Service
   St. Mary's bus service is operated by the St. William's Catholic School Education Fund (CSEF), in Round Rock. The purpose of our ministry is to support Catholic education and maintain and operate the school bus that transports our children back and forth to St. Mary's at a minimal cost to the family. CSEF operates a 1989, 54-passenger school bus in which bus drivers and monitors are paid parent volunteers (and grand-parents too!).
Morning Full Day Afternoon Half Day Afternoon
Saint William 7:03am St Marys 3:25pm St Marys 12:10pm
Dell Diamond 7:15am Hutto 3:40pm Hutto 12:20pm
Hutto 7:25am Dell Diamond 3:50pm Dell Diamond 12:35pm
Saint Mary 7:35am St William 4:10pm St William 12:55pm
Bus Fees
The bus is operated on a fee basis to insure a steady income to pay our expenses. The fees are based on last year's expenses. If it appears that expenses will not be covered, the fee may be raised. By the same token, if it appears that costs have been overestimated, the fee will be reduced.
  • 1 child--$80/month
  • Family--$100/month.
  • The fee is due the 10th of each month with the exception of August. August's payment is due August 21st. Please use the envelopes provided and either mail the envelope to the church office or personally drop the envelope off at the office. If you are unable to pay on time, please submit a note by the 10th of the month stating when the payment will be made or you will be charged a $5 late fee. If you do not plan on using the bus full-time your fees can be negotiated.

Bus Drivers and Monitors

CSEF bus drivers have commercial driver's licenses who volunteer their time to drive the bus.

Bus drivers and monitors are needed. Would you like to become a bus driver or monitor?This year CSEF will pay its bus drivers $12.50 per trip to Taylor and back;

  • and bus monitors will receive $10.00 per trip.
  • This program is very flexible.

In order to be a bus driver or monitor, each volunteer must pass a criminal background check and attend a class on Ethics and Integrity in Ministry. Ethics and Integrity in Ministry is offered free of charge by the Diocese of Austin. Bus drivers must also have a commercial driver's license. CSEF will pay for the license and certification course. 

How to contact us

Pam Rabaey 244-1764