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Little Rock Bible Study

Schedule of upcoming sessions:

  • Spring 2018 – John’s Gospel – 15 weeks
  • Summer 2018 - Hebrews - 7 weeks
  • Fall 2018 - Revelations - 8 weeks


  • When: Tuesdays at 10:00 a.m. or Thursdays at 7 p.m.
  • Where: Saint William Parish 
  • $15 to cover books and materials

What happens at a session?

We are assigned a lesson from a study guide and workbook covering a particular book of the bible. Using a commentary and our bibles we answer study questions and then on a voluntary basis, share our thoughts on the topics with the group at the weekly meeting. There are no wrong answers and we learn by individual study and then sharing with each other. At the end of each session we view a 20-minute video  which summarizes the main points of each lesson and ensures that our teaching is soundly based on Catholic Tradition and that the biblical interpretation is consistent with the catechism. A particular study lasts from about six to twelve weeks.  Sessions are held, Spring, Summer and Fall.

What previous bible study experience must I have?

None. Our groups have a wide variety of age and faith experience. The main ingredient is a desire to learn scripture and willingness to spend time in study.


Evening Class: Mark Hlas – 512-218-8539 –

Morning Class: Melissa