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Attending Mass


Here in this Holy Place

Love of God and Love of Neighbor are the core of Jesus’ teachings.  We show our Love of God and Love of Neighbor at church by creating an environment of prayer and reverence for them to connect with God.

Good practices for attending Mass:

  • It is a good practice to arrive early and prepare for mass with prayer and reflection on the readings in your pew(if you have not done so at home).
  • Our noisy world has too few places of silence and reflection.  We should be quiet in the Nave of the church (the main area).  Conversations should take place in the Narthex of the church (the foyer). 
  • Please turn off cell phones, pagers, watches that beep, etc., so as not to disturb the prayer of those around us. 
  • Please do not bring noisy toys into church.  Little children like to tear paper.  Please protect our hymnals and books
  • If children get “fussy”, please utilize the cry room, the TV monitors in the narthex,  or even the speakers outside of church while your child calms down.  We also have a caring nursery at our main campus for most masses.
  • Please no food or gum in the church (it makes a mess for the people following you).
  • Please do not arrive late; it is a distraction to those around you.   God is present to us when His Word is proclaimed.  Arriving late is disrespectful to the Word of God.
  • Please dress appropriately for church. In God’s Kingdom we don’t seek to please ourselves, but to glorify God and serve the good of our Neighbor (Rom. 15:2).  If we draw attention to ourselves, we draw attention away from Christ.  

    Ladies, please be covered from Neck to Knees. 
    Gentlemen, a nice shirt and nice pants, please.
    (see 1 Chron. 16:29, 1 Tim. 2:9-10, Rom. 12:2,   Cathechism # 1387)

  • Please wait for the final blessing at the end of mass before leaving.
  • It is good to spend a few minutes in silent prayer before leaving church.
  • Be thoughtful for the people following you at the next service by returning books carefully to their racks, picking up any litter, and lifting the kneelers out of the way.




  1. a person must BE a Catholic by baptism or formal Profession of Faith.
  2. a Catholic must be in the State of Grace, having no unconfessed serious sins.
  3. a person must fast for one hour before receiving communion (unless they have health conditions)

If you are not able or do not wish to receive communion, you may

  1. remain seated in your pew in prayer for those few minutes
  2. Or you may approach the minister to receive a blessing (rather than communion).  Please cross your arms in front of your chest to signal your desire for a blessing.